Sabtu, 19 Maret 2011

Nail Wrappers

yellow candy wrapper
There are increasingly unique was of decorating nails. And they are all becoming popular amongst not just young girls and teenagers, but all ages of women, no matter what professional background. Ladies are prepared to spend extra money on not only unique methods of nail care, but also nail decorating. It has all become a matter of making a statement wherever one goes.
full set skittle wrapper

purple pierrot clown
Amongst the latest form of beautifying nails is the use of various nail wrappers. Basically, these are various materials that are used to wrap the natural nail to give it a more aesthetic look.

Nail Art Design Stickers

There are varied ways of decorating nails that go beyond the usual use of varied nail colors, or rather different hued nail polishes. And there is another easy-to-do option instead of the painted nail art. This takes the form of nail art design sticker.

Nail stickers are popular amongst all ages, as they are rather easy to paste on the nails and not too time consuming. in order to stick these onto the nails, one needs to apply a base coat of any shade that would complement the sticker. Then paste the sticker onto the nail, and then apply a topcoat to ensure that these do not come off easily.